11. Author Insight.

After months of continual persuasion, encouragement, and a mighty push, Mike Wilkins presents background information regarding the development of, Matthias & Smith Clash of the Prophets.

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Mike Wilkins Personal Life.

On a personal note, Mike Wilkins has Multiple Sclerosis: he said. ‘Eventually, my business and working career ended after a major M.S. episode, which left me wheelchair bound for almost nine months. During this time, I was a like a ball, falling from a great height, which hit the concrete, and was now going to bounce back! Thankfully after a few years, I was able to walk unaided again and become involved with the M.S. Society.’

Regarding Smith & Matthias Clash of the Prophets, Mike said. ‘The ongoing development or driving force behind the manuscripts is derived from my curiosity and innate thirst for knowledge. I have often said to my wife Colette, family and friends, on numerous occasions, the following words: “I am in most things a real searcher!” The definition of searcher being, ‘to examine in order to find something lost or concealed.’ Interestingly it has been my pleasure to search, then find Sojourner-Truth and her place in American history.

Spirit Entities.

Surprisingly the details of claimed communication, with spirit entities, from some of Americas unforgettable characters have presented alarming questions for consideration!

A26After almost thirty years of interest in the history of New York during the period known as the Second Great Awakening: I decided to correlate information. My investigation resulted in a series of unusual coincidences between the words, and actions of two men who were claiming to be prophets of God! Ultimately Robert Matthews (aka Prophet Matthias) and Joseph Smith (the Mormon Prophet) met for all the word to witness. Together they talked with each other in a three-day conference during November 1835. This was no ordinary meeting between friends or associates, as both men were claiming to be living Prophets: experiencing continued contact with spirit entities, who would guide and inspire them in their doctrines!

Eventually, the story expanded, resulting in Sojourner-Truth along with many other famous characters from the New York area becoming involved!

Ultimately plans were implemented to publish the amazing story of the connections between some of the most famous, and infamous characters within American history.

Facts are stranger than fiction.Mike Wilkins 3

Mike Wilkins 4


The objective was simple; I wanted to publish an affordable manuscript presenting all the information from different perspectives. The challenges were overwhelming: however, as a searcher, the work continue moving forward with the help and support of my wife, Colette.

Finally a huge thank you to my wife Colette who has helped and supported me in my ten-year battle to bring to fruition the amazing story of coincidences between Sojourner-Truth, Prophet Matthias, and the Mormon Prophets Joseph Smith.

I trust that you will enjoy reading this emotional investigation, into the lives of real people who were searching for freedom, and justice.

a6Please remember that every part of this story has a direct line of contact to a real person who lived, then recorded their experiences. Every quote has a reference number which can if so desired, be independently investigated and confirmed. After a decade of research and writing, we have comprehensively correlated the facts. Mike Wilkins presents the book: Matthias & Smith Clash of the Prophets,

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