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We are the premier website sharing information connecting the facts between Sojourner-Truth, Prophet Matthias, and Joseph Smith in and around New York City. Students and careful readers are welcome, we trust that you will enjoy your time with us. 

Mike Wilkins 3  Students this is Joseph Smith  MATTHIAS

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Memorable American Trailblazers.

We expose in detail what happened between these memorable American trailblazers. If you are searching for information or looking to read a heart-breaking emotional story, then congratulations you have achieved your goal. You are about to read a story which gives you the opportunity to explore the emotions of love and lust, as you glimpse into the corruption of real bodies, minds, and spirits. The manuscript is perfect for readers who enjoy a true story. Additionally, college and university students will find facts presented in a readable enjoyable manner, with all of the required historical references thoroughly presented. The book is a foundation for study, debate, and end of term essays involving Sojourner-Truth and her New York years.

This is the investigation into the lives of people who were adversely affected by men, who claimed to know the difference between demonic and heavenly spirit entities!

Contained within the pages of this book are the shocking details of death destruction, and sexual immorality, as three claimed prophets attempt to establish their Zions in the lives of their converts!

Benjamin & Ann Folger.

Interestingly we explore the feelings of one of the protagonists known as Ann Folger. These feelings are a combination of love, lust, and self-deluded superiority; possibly caused by wealth and religious stupidity beyond reason! These are harsh words, designed to prepare the careful reader for what you are about to discover regarding Ann and her position within the Mount Zion of Matthias. According to several witnesses, Ann wanted others to believe that she was different to other women: we read, and I quote. ‘Mrs. A. Folger supposed, or at least appeared to wish that Isabella (Sojourner-Truth) should suppose her something superior to other women, just as she supposed Prophet Matthias superior to other men, not only in holiness, and as recipients of the Holy Ghost, and of the Spirit of God, but in bodily qualities also.’

Sexual stupidity.

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Absorbed in self-righteous religious stupidity, Ann deluded herself into believing that she has superior physical qualities when she ‘claimed to be a virgin, and considered herself either more than a woman or Mr. Folger less than man.’ Ref: N73

Ann Folger is sleeping with Prophet Matthias, and Benjamin Folger is sleeping with Isabella, the daughter of Matthias. Catherine is sleeping alone, and Mr. Pierson is mourning his departed wife. Sojourner-Truth is single and attempting to embrace the light of Christianity surrounded by the darkness of the so-called filthy devils! Let’s leave them to their sleep as we wonder what will happen next in this New Jerusalem Prophet Matthias is trying to build! 

We delve into the use of the word ‘onanism’ which is a Spanish word, and after translation into English, we know what was, in reality, happening to Mr. Elijah Pierson. Shockingly the explanation of ‘Onanism’ is self-abuse indulging in spiritual masturbation. Sojourner-Truth informs us that Mr. E Pierson was engaging in spiritual masturbation while in the presence of Matthias, Ann, and their devoted disciples! As a side note, Isabella Van Wagener (Sojourner-Truth) did not use the word ‘onanism’ when describing the actions of Mr. E Pierson. In all probability, a different turn of phrase evolved into the word ‘onanism,’ for the educated to understand. The uneducated would be left to speculate!

Death destruction and sexual immorality.

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This is an unforgettable investigation into the lives of people, who were adversely affected by men, who claimed to know the difference between demonic and heavenly spirit entities!

Contained in this book are the shocking details of death destruction and sexual immorality, as three claimed prophets attempt to establish their Zions in the hearts and minds of their converts!

Students, please remember that every part of this story has a direct line of contact with a real person who lived, then recorded their experiences. Every quote has a reference number which can if so desired, be independently investigated and confirmed. After a decade of research and writing, we have comprehensively correlated the facts, therefore you are empowered to reach your conclusions!

Students are Mormons Christians?

Mormons claim to be Christians. Surprisingly they stand alone, neither Protestant nor Roman Catholic in their doctrines or actions. Historically they have denounced all Christian churches as an abomination in Gods eyes. Mormons have their understanding of a Christian God. Additionally, they accept the King James Bible as far as it is translated correctly. Mormons celebrate Christmas and birthdays, they enjoy dancing, and unlike the Jewish faith they have no problem in eating pork.

Students and careful readers are welcome, we trust that you will enjoy your time with us. We specialize in helping students, and careful readers find information on Sojourner-Truth in New York City, as required by the American educational authorities. Additionally, we provide exciting details on the fascinating story of Robert Matthews, who transformed himself into the notorious Prophet Matthias, of the Second Great Awakening, around New York City. Surprisingly we expose the many curious connections between the Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith, and Prophet Matthias.

Our goal is to provide you with affordable digital reading, incorporating the use of books & films. We use the deluxe digital Flipbook, to offer you as a student or careful reader the best possible digital reading experience. All deluxe Flip-books can be read on any I.Phone, Lap Top, P.C. or Tablet. We also use the established traditional electronic formats as provided by Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

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  6. Are Mormons allowed to dance?


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